Thailand farms

A million farms to get solar panels

A million farms to get solar panels

Electricity bills for farmers will drop by 30%

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives on Saturday unveiled plans to install solar panels on at least one million farms across the country to help cut farmers’ electricity bills by 30% in coming years .

Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Praphat Phothasuthon told media that Thailand was facing an energy crisis along with many other countries as fuel prices rose.

Most fuels are imported from abroad for use in the agricultural, household and transport sectors, among others.

High fuel prices affect the cost of agricultural production, so the ministry has started talks with New Zealand’s Capital Trust Group, which operates a Singaporean fund to conduct a study on energy use in the Thai agriculture.

The ministry plans to issue a non-fungible token (NFT) named “Solar Panels NFT for Thai Farmers” worth six million ethereum to legally trade with international investors in Singapore.

The money raised from the cryptocurrency will be used to purchase good quality solar panels and distribute them to farmers, he said.

Mr. Praphat added that the energy generated will be used to power agricultural machinery such as electric tractors, milling machines and crop spraying drones.

The project will also help reduce farm electricity bills by approximately 20-30% each month for 15-20 years.

As a first step, the ministry will hold talks with state agencies and the private sector before accelerating a feasibility study to boost international investor confidence.

One million farms producing solar energy will also help reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, he said.

The pilot project could be extended nationwide to all homes and businesses.