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Banpu prepares 2 solar farms

Banpu prepares 2 solar farms

Facilities will deploy digital technology

A 16MW floating solar farm project in LK Rubber Industrial City Hub in Muang District, Rayong.

Non-oil energy conglomerate Banpu Plc plans to start operating two new floating solar farms, with the largest installed capacity developed by a private company, in the middle of this year.

The company is developing both projects through its energy technology arm Banpu Next, which plans to use digital technology to operate the facilities.

Chanit Suwanparin, senior vice president for customer experience at Banpu Next, said the first project, located in the Apex Green Industrial Zone in Chachoengsao, has a power generation capacity of 32 megawatts.

The other is a 16MW floating solar farm under construction at LK Rubber Industrial City Hub in Muang district of Rayong.

The new solar energy projects not only aim to reduce electricity costs, but also pave the way for the development of a smart city that promotes the use of clean energy and wise energy management, a- he declared.

According to Banpu Next, the floating solar farm at Apex Green Industrial Estate is expected to save 36 million baht on electricity bills annually.

“We use our energy technology expertise to design solar power systems of all types, including floating solar farms, to meet the needs of industrial park operators,” Chanit said.

He said a digital platform and real-time monitoring app will also be used to help companies create sustainable value by increasing energy efficiency and developing an environmentally friendly green industry.

The digital platform and dashboard will enable industrial park operators to better monitor water levels and quality as well as ensure solar system operation in real-time to ensure optimal, zero-impact power generation negative environmental impact on the water ecosystem, said Mr. Chanit.

Thailand’s largest floating solar farm is operated by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand at Sirindhorn Dam in Ubon Ratchathani Province. The installation, in service since July 2021, is designed to have a production capacity of 45 MW.