Do you want the cheapest credit to finance your project?? Bankate visits all the major credit organizations to propose the classification of the best rates for all amounts and all durations. Thanks to our exclusive system, we do not just offer you the ranking of the cheapest credit, but give more chances of actually obtaining a cheap credit.

Cheaper credit = lowest APR rate

Cheaper credit = lowest APR rate

As the No. 1 independent consumer credit comparator on the internet, we note all the rates charged by the largest online credit organizations. We mainly make them available through our simulators, so that our customers can undoubtedly identify the cheapest credit.

The rankings we offer are indexed to the APR rate, the overall effective annual rate. This rate is the legal reference in terms of communication on consumer credit. It can identify the cheapest credit, without a doubt possible.

Beware because most of our competitors do not communicate it in order to offer rankings that arrange them in order to earn more money. It is not our policy. Bankate is also registered in the national file of intermediaries in banking and credit operations, ORIAS. You will find our registration at the bottom of this page.

Cheaper credit: watch out for false promises

Cheaper credit: watch out for false promises

We do make the difference between finding the cheapest credit and getting the cheapest credit. Indeed, it is not uncommon for certain organizations that offer the lowest consumer credit rates to do so only for advertising reasons. They are well aware that this is a commercial offer, and that few customers will really benefit from the cheap loan. Here are the main commercial techniques for which we have found a solution:

  • Offer the cheapest credit, refuse it to most customers but offer them a more expensive rate for which customers are accepted
  • Offer a very attractive rate over a very short period, generally the cheap credit is for 12 months, which creates monthly installments that are impossible to repay.
  • Offer a longer term at a much more expensive rate.
  • Offer the cheapest credit initially on advertisements but change to a higher rate on the proposal for a prior credit offer sent by post.

In order to get around the trade pitfalls, we have developed a cheap online credit questionnaire. Once you have completed it, you will get the cheapest credit ranking but also a non-binding assessment of the cheapest organization. You will know if he is ready to follow you for the rate he offers. And you will also be able to consult the organizations that offer the 2nd and 3rd best rates with one click. Thanks to this system we are the only credit comparator which makes it possible to have more concrete chances of obtaining the cheapest credit adapted to each profile / project.

Compare rates, a first step towards the cheapest credit

Compare rates, a first step towards the cheapest credit

But finally, beyond not giving too much money to bankers, what is the point of obtaining the cheapest credit? We will take a practical example with one of the most requested credits in France: the 5000 USD credit over 60 months.

Best personal loan $ 5,000 over 60 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 4.50% 148.53 $ 347.08 $
Organization 2 12.58% 165,85 $ 970.60 $
Organization n ° 3 12.59% 165,87 $ 971.32 $

More than 600 USD difference between the cheapest credit and the second in our ranking, for exactly the same thing. And do not imagine that the most expensive credit is offered by a little known organization. This is probably the one you know the most because you see its advertisements constantly on television. So don’t be fooled by the ads and catchy rates, compare with confidence and find the best rate for your project.

Cheaper credit without banks

Cheaper credit without banks

To find the cheapest credit, we decided to do without the banks. Not that we want to do without it at all costs but it is simply that they are not able to offer attractive rates and that when they do, it is only on an infinitesimal part of their. As long as they do not make cheaper credit for all, our comparison has no interest in integrating them. But we will still help you challenge them if you want to see what your banker can do for you. The very best bank customers can in rare cases get an attractive offer.

Why don’t banks have attractive rates?

Consumer credit is an area in which you have to know how to appreciate the risk of a customer that you don’t know a priori. In fact, in the price of a credit, there are the charges of the credit organization (wages, premises, etc.), the price of the raw material, namely money (the credit organizations themselves borrow same on the financial markets what they lend you) and finally the cost of risk (customer arrears). It is therefore by having a limited risk that credit companies can have a better result. They have therefore developed their ability to predict risk to the maximum in order to offer the cheapest credit and obtain the best results.

The problem is that banks know the risk of customers once they know customers. It is therefore quite rare for a bank to grant a consumer loan to a customer it does not know, or else this will be done at very high rates.

We cannot therefore integrate the rates of banks which would be either too expensive or only reserved for very good customers of this bank. But if you think you can get a good rate from your bank because you are a good customer with no overdraft and if possible with savings, we will help you make sure you get the cheapest rate.

Negotiating your credit at the bank, instructions for use

If you have enough seniority (rather around 10 years) and you are a good customer, chances are that your bank is trying to make you an attractive rate. But will you still get the cheapest credit? Well here is the technique for negotiating your credit with your banker:

  1. Get the cheapest credit on the market thanks to our credit comparator.
  2. You will receive the offer for the best non-binding rate by La Poste 2 to 3 days after.
  3. Make an appointment with your banker and ask him to offer you his best rate.
  4. When meeting with the banker, compare the best offer on the market with that of your banker: either he can beat it or you already have the best credit in your hands.

Our goal is to offer all future borrowers a concrete proposal for cheap, fast-obtainable credit at the best market rate.

While the interest rates published by banks and financial institutions are at their lowest, it is necessary to make a redemption of its credits. So how do you buy back your credits? for further explanation

Realize a credit redemption operation, nowadays, it has never been so simple!

Why make a credit redemption?

Why make a credit redemption?

Why make a credit redemption? Because buying a loan is a solution that addresses several issues.

Grouping the credits makes it possible to gather all its outstandings in a single credit and to benefit from a more serene management thanks to the taking of a single monthly payment. As a result, you only have one borrower insurance contract to pay. A new monthly payment adapted to your ability to repay, allowing you to face the financial burden of everyday life without choking you financially.

A loan buyback loan makes it possible to integrate into the plan of Weird Sistersment a cash envelope. As a result, the amount of money borrowed is smoothed with the remaining capital remaining due from the different restructured debts. With a single monthly loan charge, stay in control of your monthly budget management.

The purchase of loans is a solution to get rid of the revolving credits subscribed in store or on the internet. By making a revolving loan redemption, turn your cash reserves into a fixed rate amortizing loan with a loan start and end date.

How to buy back credits?

How to buy back credits?

To get your credits redeemed, you have to find an agreement with a bank that accepts your redemption request. To do this, it is recommended that a complete file be prepared and correctly put together in order to have the best chance of obtaining a favorable opinion on our request for Weird Sistersment.

This is because the steps of a credit renegotiation file are tedious and time consuming, as our team of expert advisors in the study of credit buyback files, accompanies you from the beginning to the end in your efforts to obtain the proposal to buy credits at the best rate and the best conditions.

On this information website you will find the existing interest and you can borrow cash cheaply. You will also find the review where you can best take out your own loan, how much you can lend or where you can reliably lend money quickly.

Please note that you will be not bkr registered plus need your papers from the income. Only then are you able to borrow money for the least expensive interest. You cannot find a much better start for your loan quotation. That way you always have truthful and reliable advice.


Who are we?

borrow money

Just for both a personal loan, the revolving credit and a money reserve. Whatever you want to lend money for, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the details you need to know about all types and possibilities in the field of credit score providers and banks.

Additionally, you will find advisable tips that you need to pay attention to when you take out financing and which conditions you should meet for a specific mortgage. Get well informed and create an independent comparison. Transfer this particular both for a new mortgage and for an old loan. You are able to borrow money for a lengthier period of time. So make sure you take time now for good advice. This particular saves you a lot of money and removes all your worries.


The eye rates

The interest rates

When credit money, you have to deal with the eye rates of the providers’ money. The disadvantage is that they vary significantly in periods but also differ per provider. It is always a good idea to let you know what the interest rates are in which you can borrow.

A comparison is an excellent way to request information through money providers. Work has been done on the website to make credit as fair as possible. In fact, you want a transparent picture regarding money ones. You will find every forms of borrowing with the present interest rates.


Take out that loan for the best interest

Take out a loan for the best interest

If you take out a loan you want to do this particular as cheaply as possible. You wish to choose from various loan providers with all the rates they offer. Make sure you possess a clear overview of this.

Exactly what also plays a role would be the loan forms. What is the reason for the loan and what quantity often play an important factor within the financial story? The various sites in the Netherlands and Belgium that you can visit to get a concept of ​​the borrowing prices are diverse.

Yet it is very important know that they are not all clear and independent. Many sites offer the lenders who spend them the most commission. Therefore make sure that you are dealing with a target and independent website. They could really give you a fair plus clear picture of the mortgage.


Short and long-term loans

Short and long term loans

Pay attention to which usually interest rates you will be dealing with. There exists a short and long-term rate of interest. But also fixed and adjustable interest rates. The risk is higher, particularly with regard to a long lasting interest rate with a variable rate of interest.

Make sure you are well informed and not take out an interest rate just like that will. If you want to take out a loan instantly? Borrow interest comparison is really a comparison site of all credit score providers. The reason is that it is totally independent. The transparency plus openness of business is visible on their website.

You will soon and easily view the right interest rates and loans right here.


Where can you lend money at the lowest rate of interest?

Where can you borrow money at the lowest interest rate?

To begin with, you must consistently ensure that you have comparison materials and that you approach a completely independent lender. There are many of them, yet here again you have to focus on who you approach. Provide yourself the opportunity to take some time with this. Many “independent sites” are certainly not independent at all but give the provider who provides them the most commission on the loan. So make sure you are usually sure that you have a provider using the lowest interest rate.

Of course you borrow if you want money. Only the period whenever you take out a loan can have a great deal to do with your interest. What exactly is of course an example are the assaults in America. In one day, rates of interest shot up. This because at the same time there wasn’t that much a lot more certain. This still occurs regularly. Be alert to that will. If you have found a low rate of interest, it is sometimes better not to await too long to close. It is because it can just turn.

If you borrow, the particular providers need a number of elements from you. Of course your personal documents. With larger amounts you happen to be also obliged to show your own financial details. Furthermore, it is necessary not to have a BKR enrollment. And sometimes you have to near your current account if it could be red without you having the ability to be red. This type of company differs per provider as well as depends very much on the quantity you want to borrow. Hence if you need to take out a loan this type of company you are given from the service provider.


What else really does this website offer?

What else does this website offer?

1st, all loan forms are usually discussed in detail. Which type suits you best and what would be the advantages and disadvantages of a certain loan. Are you searching for a business loan or just wish to borrow money cheaper? There are also the lowest interest rate with us.

This site is completely independent and ensures the lowest loan. Whether it is regarding borrowing a small amount, credit extra money or do you need cash immediately? You will find honest plus independent advice for almost everything here.

We are not associated with a bank, but wish to be an informative website where if you need to borrow money with satisfaction honestly and transparently additional assistance is provided by the right information.

The most important point for all of us is responsibly borrowing cash. Do you have any questions regarding borrowing money? View our own website or contact us. 

There are probably very few fortunate people on Earth who have never needed a loan in life. In almost any situation, we may need financial help when we cannot raise enough money to achieve our goals or solve our problems. Loans come in handy, which is a bridging solution. Since there is a good chance that you will have to use this financial tool from time to time, we will help you get on the path to making the right decision.

In this article, we summarize all the basic and important information you need to know about your bank loans. What is a loan purpose? How to apply? How much can we get? How can we choose the best loan for our purpose? What happens if we can’t pay? Here are just a few examples to answer as we read on.

what is the often hated, but sometimes life-saving loan?

what is the often hated, but sometimes life-saving loan?

In the case of credit, we are talking about a financial transaction in which the lender, which is usually a bank, undertakes to give money to the debtor, in our case to us. In return, the debtor promises to repay the loan with interest.

Suppose you go to kid’s school, but you just don’t have the money to buy your school supplies. That’s why we’re asking for a loan from a bank: we need $ 100,000 to buy booklets, pens and books. The bank gives it at 10 percent interest, so we give back 100 000 forints and 10 percent, 10 thousand forints, a total of 110 000 forints during the maturity – repayment period. The parties shall agree on this. This allows the debtor to make money to achieve his goals, and the lender can charge interest on the loan, thus earning money on the loan.

There are three types of credit: money, goods and services can be borrowed, but this article deals only with money.

Even so, we can feel very uncomfortable very quickly.

Even so, we can feel very uncomfortable very quickly.

If we try to gauge what kind of cash money we can get, we can see that there are several types of credit a bank can offer its customers, and navigating through all products seems like an almost impossible task. Of course, credit dumping is easy to see too, just asking the right questions:

· What do you need for credit?

· What amount do we need?

· How long can we repay the loan smoothly?

By answering these questions, we can get a closer look at what is the best loan for us.

Which loan for what purpose? Free and special purpose loans


It is not difficult to decide what we want to borrow, because everyone has a concrete idea of ​​why they need a loan. This is called a credit target , which can be used to group credit products available today. The simplest is to distinguish between two types:

  1. Loans for free use
  2.  and targeted loan

In the case of free use loans, the borrowed amount can be used for anything . Want to buy a TV or a fridge but don’t have enough money? Are we getting ready for our dream wedding, but too much? Would we buy solar panels to reduce our overhead bill? That’s where the free-to-use personal loan was invented.

We do not need to tell you what we are spending money on and no one is checking to see if it has actually been used for its original purpose. So the free-to-use loan can be spent on technical items, home improvement, loan redemption, car purchase, vacation, medical intervention, whatever we need. In most cases, free-to-use personal loans or free-to-use mortgages can be of help if you want to use your bank money without limits.

Personal Payday has already provided loans to over 300,000 people, whether it be a small or a larger expense. If speed, flexibility, and even a small amount are important to you, you may want to take a look at what you should know about Personal Payday loans.

Personal Payday offers its customers two different credit schemes, and you can find more in the form of periodic promotions. The two constant products are

Personal Payday Loan

Personal Payday Loan

A Personal Payday loan is a smaller loan that requires no collateral and no surety. The loan amount is for free use, meaning you do not have to report to Personal Payday what you spent the money on.

From a security standpoint, it can be very helpful for you to have a fixed interest rate on your loan, so whatever you do, the size of your repayment installment does not change and there is no risk of exchange rate or interest rate. The APR, which represents the cost of the loan, is 24.89 percent over the life of the loan.

You can take out a loan of at least $ 10,000, the highest you can apply for is $ 10,000.

In a unique way, you can only pay weekly at Personal Payday instead of monthly repayments. The credit institution also has maturities of 42, 57, 72 and 110 weeks. This allows you to pay back your debt in smaller amounts.

Personal Payday Good Finance On loan

Personal Payday Good Finance On loan

This is a larger Personal Payday loan. With Good Finance, you can take out and use at least $ 500,000, up to $ 1,000,000, freely and without collateral. You also do not need to be afraid of interest rate and exchange rate risk, as the interest rate is predictable and fixed. Personal Payday Good Finance’s APR is also 24.89 percent.

The big difference with Personal Payday Loan is that it is repaid monthly by bank transfer.

You can also request Good Finance Home Service or Prediction Package supplements for Good Finance.

Home Service – you don’t have to move, money comes home

Home Service - you don

Personal Payday is also a unique feature of the Home Service. If you were to sign the contract at your home and pick up the money, Personal Payday staff would go home after consultation. You do not have to travel long to queue at the bank, but you do not have to take a day off or get involved because all the credit management is done in your home.

A staff member at the financial institution can go to you at the agreed time on the weekend, where you sign the contract, and then receive the cash immediately afterwards. If you have any questions, a Personal Payday staff member will respond at this meeting.

Keep in mind that Personal Payday will only call you at home, which you can prove with a residence card. Of course, the service is only available for a fee. So, if you need a Home Service, consider the cost of it, which is no small amount: the service itself can be divided into two parts, Home Placement and Home Service.

Are you stressed about your monthly installment? Would you like to repay a loan or loans that you have taken out earlier on more favorable terms? Then you are in the right place because you have come up with a loan repayment, also known as a debt settlement loan.

The purpose of these loans is to replace your existing loan (or even more) with a lower interest rate or shorter term loan. If you would like to switch to a cheaper loan and take advantage of a loan replacement loan, we recommend the following.

You can use these types of loans to redeem your loans


You can use a personal loan or mortgage to settle your debt, depending on how much you need to settle. For both types of loans, you can use a free-of-charge loan, or you can find loan products for special debt settlement purposes at banks, which often have a better interest rate than the freely available options.

With a loan redemption loan, you can redeem almost any loan, whether home loan, personal loan, credit card debt, commodity loan, overdraft, car loan or quick loan. Doing more of these before is not a hindrance, as you can get more loans if you decide to settle your debt.

Before applying for a mortgage loan

Before applying for a mortgage loan

You should decide what your primary goal is with it. There are three ways in which you can decide which one is most useful to you.

  • If your goal is to reduce your monthly installment installment: In this case, you will borrow the same amount of credit as the original loan and continue to pay back at a lower installment rate.
  • If the goal is to shorten the maturity: In this case too, the amount of your redemption loan will be the same as the remainder of your previous loan, and the monthly installment will remain, but you can repay it in less time, thus relieving you of the burden.
  • The installment and maturity remain the same, but you get a higher amount than the original loan. This way, after the final repayment, you have no choice but to spend what you want to spend.

So choose a loan repayment loan!

So choose a loan repayment loan!

Redeeming a loan is not only an attractive solution if you have a problem with your old loan and want to reduce it. Even if you are not having trouble paying off your old loan, you may want to check your bank offerings from time to time, as money market and economic changes can bring you better terms than when you applied for a loan.

For example, those who borrowed around 2012-2014 received a personal loan at an average interest rate of around 25 percent, and today the same figure may be below 10 percent. In this situation, a loan replacement loan can result in a down payment of several tens of thousands of dollars a month, which is a great help to the family cashier.

Summer is coming to an end, school is starting, but we may need a smaller loan for an early fall trip or for the start of the school year. We have collected the best payday loan offers for 200 thousand HUF and for a term of 2-3 years.

If you need a smaller loan, it is still worthwhile to choose from bank offers with ever lower interest rates. If you take out a $ 200,000 payday loan for a term of 2 or 3 years, you will have to repay $ 250-300,000 in the most favorable loan offers. Of course, for shorter maturities, the repayment amount may be lower and the monthly installment may be higher. We present the best payday loan offers and the interesting features of each of these schemes.


Where you pay weekly

Where you pay weekly

Let’s start our investigation with the most interesting loan offer . Provident loans are special enough because, unlike other banks, we have to repay the loan weekly, not monthly. Provident also offers a unique service. With their Home Service Package, you can get a personal clerk who will take out a loan at your home, sign a contract with you at home, get the money right away and come for a installment every week. Another benefit of the home service is that the package also includes customer accident insurance for the whole term.

There is a separate charge for Home Service (not listed in our table), which will result in a higher total refund amount. Of course, this service also benefits the credit institution as personal contact is expected to reduce the risk of non-repayment.

Compared to other banks’ 2 or 3 year bids, it is important to note that Provident has a maturity of 105 weeks rather than 24 or 36 months.


Extra interest discount on online registration

Extra interest discount on online registration

With Wealth Life Always Fixed payday loans, you can get a variety of interest discounts, for example, by transferring our income to the bank and having at least four transactions a month from our account, or by using our credit card. But the biggest discount is when you apply for a loan online. In this case, 2% from the bank . you can get an interest discount by presenting a custom code via email.

Also, the installment of FHB Post payday loan is always “fixed”. This credit can only be applied for at post offices designated for sale. To do this, we need to open a Postal Bank Account, which we authorize to repay the loan. A further condition is that we have to deposit a minimum of HUF 100,000 a month into the bank account.


In the event of an accurate repayment, we will receive a refund

loan repayment

For the WeFair Bank Fair payday loan, the Bank will reimburse 1 / 7th of 10% of the loan amount disbursed each year for which full repayment installments have been made without delay. If you take 200,000 forints, the refund amount is 2,857 forints per year, with a total term of 8,571 for 3 years. Applying for a loan is subject to a minimum monthly income of HUF 100,000. The interest period for this loan is 1 year, so for that period the interest rate will remain unchanged.

Another interesting feature of OTP’s offer is that, when applying for a Standard payday loan, the bank guarantees that the requested payday loan will be credited to your bank account within one hour of signing the contract. If this commitment is not met by the bank and we notify the bank, you may receive a Tesco voucher worth 10,000 forints.


Repayable loan amounts

Repayable loan amounts

In the case of ConfiBank Renewable Credit, the principal sum not called up or repaid during the term of the loan may be re-used if the customer has fulfilled his payment obligations under the loan agreement or is not on the negative KHR list at the time of the drawdown.

ConfiBank is not expected to make a deposit or any bank activity, not least because we cannot keep a bank account with them. Revolving Credit does not require employer certification to process applications. The interest and installments on the loan may change every six months.

Betelem always borrows a personal credit line that is available at any time in whole or in part, so it can be reused without further credit. Payments on installments replenish the credit line. Existing or newly applied Betelem credit cards are required to take out the loan. The installment is fixed throughout this loan.