Do you want the cheapest credit to finance your project?? Bankate visits all the major credit organizations to propose the classification of the best rates for all amounts and all durations. Thanks to our exclusive system, we do not just offer you the ranking of the cheapest credit, but give more chances of actually obtaining a cheap credit.

Cheaper credit = lowest APR rate

Cheaper credit = lowest APR rate

As the No. 1 independent consumer credit comparator on the internet, we note all the rates charged by the largest online credit organizations. We mainly make them available through our simulators, so that our customers can undoubtedly identify the cheapest credit.

The rankings we offer are indexed to the APR rate, the overall effective annual rate. This rate is the legal reference in terms of communication on consumer credit. It can identify the cheapest credit, without a doubt possible.

Beware because most of our competitors do not communicate it in order to offer rankings that arrange them in order to earn more money. It is not our policy. Bankate is also registered in the national file of intermediaries in banking and credit operations, ORIAS. You will find our registration at the bottom of this page.

Cheaper credit: watch out for false promises

Cheaper credit: watch out for false promises

We do make the difference between finding the cheapest credit and getting the cheapest credit. Indeed, it is not uncommon for certain organizations that offer the lowest consumer credit rates to do so only for advertising reasons. They are well aware that this is a commercial offer, and that few customers will really benefit from the cheap loan. Here are the main commercial techniques for which we have found a solution:

  • Offer the cheapest credit, refuse it to most customers but offer them a more expensive rate for which customers are accepted
  • Offer a very attractive rate over a very short period, generally the cheap credit is for 12 months, which creates monthly installments that are impossible to repay.
  • Offer a longer term at a much more expensive rate.
  • Offer the cheapest credit initially on advertisements but change to a higher rate on the proposal for a prior credit offer sent by post.

In order to get around the trade pitfalls, we have developed a cheap online credit questionnaire. Once you have completed it, you will get the cheapest credit ranking but also a non-binding assessment of the cheapest organization. You will know if he is ready to follow you for the rate he offers. And you will also be able to consult the organizations that offer the 2nd and 3rd best rates with one click. Thanks to this system we are the only credit comparator which makes it possible to have more concrete chances of obtaining the cheapest credit adapted to each profile / project.

Compare rates, a first step towards the cheapest credit

Compare rates, a first step towards the cheapest credit

But finally, beyond not giving too much money to bankers, what is the point of obtaining the cheapest credit? We will take a practical example with one of the most requested credits in France: the 5000 USD credit over 60 months.

Best personal loan $ 5,000 over 60 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Organization n ° 1 4.50% 148.53 $ 347.08 $
Organization 2 12.58% 165,85 $ 970.60 $
Organization n ° 3 12.59% 165,87 $ 971.32 $

More than 600 USD difference between the cheapest credit and the second in our ranking, for exactly the same thing. And do not imagine that the most expensive credit is offered by a little known organization. This is probably the one you know the most because you see its advertisements constantly on television. So don’t be fooled by the ads and catchy rates, compare with confidence and find the best rate for your project.

Cheaper credit without banks

Cheaper credit without banks

To find the cheapest credit, we decided to do without the banks. Not that we want to do without it at all costs but it is simply that they are not able to offer attractive rates and that when they do, it is only on an infinitesimal part of their. As long as they do not make cheaper credit for all, our comparison has no interest in integrating them. But we will still help you challenge them if you want to see what your banker can do for you. The very best bank customers can in rare cases get an attractive offer.

Why don’t banks have attractive rates?

Consumer credit is an area in which you have to know how to appreciate the risk of a customer that you don’t know a priori. In fact, in the price of a credit, there are the charges of the credit organization (wages, premises, etc.), the price of the raw material, namely money (the credit organizations themselves borrow same on the financial markets what they lend you) and finally the cost of risk (customer arrears). It is therefore by having a limited risk that credit companies can have a better result. They have therefore developed their ability to predict risk to the maximum in order to offer the cheapest credit and obtain the best results.

The problem is that banks know the risk of customers once they know customers. It is therefore quite rare for a bank to grant a consumer loan to a customer it does not know, or else this will be done at very high rates.

We cannot therefore integrate the rates of banks which would be either too expensive or only reserved for very good customers of this bank. But if you think you can get a good rate from your bank because you are a good customer with no overdraft and if possible with savings, we will help you make sure you get the cheapest rate.

Negotiating your credit at the bank, instructions for use

If you have enough seniority (rather around 10 years) and you are a good customer, chances are that your bank is trying to make you an attractive rate. But will you still get the cheapest credit? Well here is the technique for negotiating your credit with your banker:

  1. Get the cheapest credit on the market thanks to our credit comparator.
  2. You will receive the offer for the best non-binding rate by La Poste 2 to 3 days after.
  3. Make an appointment with your banker and ask him to offer you his best rate.
  4. When meeting with the banker, compare the best offer on the market with that of your banker: either he can beat it or you already have the best credit in your hands.

Our goal is to offer all future borrowers a concrete proposal for cheap, fast-obtainable credit at the best market rate.