Personal Payday has already provided loans to over 300,000 people, whether it be a small or a larger expense. If speed, flexibility, and even a small amount are important to you, you may want to take a look at what you should know about Personal Payday loans.

Personal Payday offers its customers two different credit schemes, and you can find more in the form of periodic promotions. The two constant products are

Personal Payday Loan

Personal Payday Loan

A Personal Payday loan is a smaller loan that requires no collateral and no surety. The loan amount is for free use, meaning you do not have to report to Personal Payday what you spent the money on.

From a security standpoint, it can be very helpful for you to have a fixed interest rate on your loan, so whatever you do, the size of your repayment installment does not change and there is no risk of exchange rate or interest rate. The APR, which represents the cost of the loan, is 24.89 percent over the life of the loan.

You can take out a loan of at least $ 10,000, the highest you can apply for is $ 10,000.

In a unique way, you can only pay weekly at Personal Payday instead of monthly repayments. The credit institution also has maturities of 42, 57, 72 and 110 weeks. This allows you to pay back your debt in smaller amounts.

Personal Payday Good Finance On loan

Personal Payday Good Finance On loan

This is a larger Personal Payday loan. With Good Finance, you can take out and use at least $ 500,000, up to $ 1,000,000, freely and without collateral. You also do not need to be afraid of interest rate and exchange rate risk, as the interest rate is predictable and fixed. Personal Payday Good Finance’s APR is also 24.89 percent.

The big difference with Personal Payday Loan is that it is repaid monthly by bank transfer.

You can also request Good Finance Home Service or Prediction Package supplements for Good Finance.

Home Service – you don’t have to move, money comes home

Home Service - you don

Personal Payday is also a unique feature of the Home Service. If you were to sign the contract at your home and pick up the money, Personal Payday staff would go home after consultation. You do not have to travel long to queue at the bank, but you do not have to take a day off or get involved because all the credit management is done in your home.

A staff member at the financial institution can go to you at the agreed time on the weekend, where you sign the contract, and then receive the cash immediately afterwards. If you have any questions, a Personal Payday staff member will respond at this meeting.

Keep in mind that Personal Payday will only call you at home, which you can prove with a residence card. Of course, the service is only available for a fee. So, if you need a Home Service, consider the cost of it, which is no small amount: the service itself can be divided into two parts, Home Placement and Home Service.