There are probably very few fortunate people on Earth who have never needed a loan in life. In almost any situation, we may need financial help when we cannot raise enough money to achieve our goals or solve our problems. Loans come in handy, which is a bridging solution. Since there is a good chance that you will have to use this financial tool from time to time, we will help you get on the path to making the right decision.

In this article, we summarize all the basic and important information you need to know about your bank loans. What is a loan purpose? How to apply? How much can we get? How can we choose the best loan for our purpose? What happens if we can’t pay? Here are just a few examples to answer as we read on.

what is the often hated, but sometimes life-saving loan?

what is the often hated, but sometimes life-saving loan?

In the case of credit, we are talking about a financial transaction in which the lender, which is usually a bank, undertakes to give money to the debtor, in our case to us. In return, the debtor promises to repay the loan with interest.

Suppose you go to kid’s school, but you just don’t have the money to buy your school supplies. That’s why we’re asking for a loan from a bank: we need $ 100,000 to buy booklets, pens and books. The bank gives it at 10 percent interest, so we give back 100 000 forints and 10 percent, 10 thousand forints, a total of 110 000 forints during the maturity – repayment period. The parties shall agree on this. This allows the debtor to make money to achieve his goals, and the lender can charge interest on the loan, thus earning money on the loan.

There are three types of credit: money, goods and services can be borrowed, but this article deals only with money.

Even so, we can feel very uncomfortable very quickly.

Even so, we can feel very uncomfortable very quickly.

If we try to gauge what kind of cash money we can get, we can see that there are several types of credit a bank can offer its customers, and navigating through all products seems like an almost impossible task. Of course, credit dumping is easy to see too, just asking the right questions:

· What do you need for credit?

· What amount do we need?

· How long can we repay the loan smoothly?

By answering these questions, we can get a closer look at what is the best loan for us.

Which loan for what purpose? Free and special purpose loans


It is not difficult to decide what we want to borrow, because everyone has a concrete idea of ​​why they need a loan. This is called a credit target , which can be used to group credit products available today. The simplest is to distinguish between two types:

  1. Loans for free use
  2.  and targeted loan

In the case of free use loans, the borrowed amount can be used for anything . Want to buy a TV or a fridge but don’t have enough money? Are we getting ready for our dream wedding, but too much? Would we buy solar panels to reduce our overhead bill? That’s where the free-to-use personal loan was invented.

We do not need to tell you what we are spending money on and no one is checking to see if it has actually been used for its original purpose. So the free-to-use loan can be spent on technical items, home improvement, loan redemption, car purchase, vacation, medical intervention, whatever we need. In most cases, free-to-use personal loans or free-to-use mortgages can be of help if you want to use your bank money without limits.