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Matt Roloff suggests he is the only person “capable” of running Roloff Farms

As fans speculate which of the Roloff children will take over the farm, Small people, big world Matt Roloff apparently suggested that he is the only one who can maintain it after liking a fan’s comment on his Instagram.

“I’m so glad you guys are keeping the farm. You are the only person who can make it work as it should, ”wrote a fan in a post Matt, 60, shared on Oct. 24. “You imagined and built it. You should be very proud of your accomplishments, Matt!

While he doesn’t interact often in the comments, the reality TV star “liked” the comment.

Matt Roloff / Instagram

Many fans are questioning the fate of Roloff Farms once Matt chooses to step down. After Matt and Amy roloff‘s divorce, she eventually put her part of the land, as well as her farm, up for sale – and this may have caused tensions within the family.

Jeremy Roloff often spoke of wanting to take over the farm with his wife, Audrey Roloff; however, the couple decided not to purchase Amy’s portion of the land. Audrey, 30, revealed on the couple’s podcast, “In the wingsThey made an offer in 2020 which Matt and Amy, 57, declined. The couple did not say why.

In 2020, Zach Roloff also mentioned the hope of taking over the farm.

“I want Jackson and Lilah to grow up on the property, ”Zach told his parents. “Maybe this could be an option for Tori [Roloff] and me. I know Jeremy is involved, but I don’t see why I couldn’t step in and play that role too.

However, Zach, 31, and his wife, Tori, 30, also didn’t buy the land, as they just announced earlier this month that they moved almost an hour from the farm in Washington.

“Darn,” a fan wrote on Tori’s post announcing the move. “I was hoping you would take over the farm. Congratulations.”

“Occasionally things are getting better for the best! ”she replied.

Fans even started to wonder if Jacob Roloff and his wife, Isabel Sofia Rock, would take over the farm, as the two are currently on the farm a lot to help out during pumpkin season. However, Isabel, 25, quickly ended this conversation.

“Are you and Jacob buying half the farm?” [You] seem to be there a lot, ”one fan asked during an Isabel Q&A on Oct. 12 via her Instagram Stories.

The artist replied, “I also often go to the Thai restaurant down the street, but I don’t plan to buy it.”

Now it looks like Matt will continue to run the farm, which he bought with his ex-wife in 1990, but it’s unclear for how long.

In August, Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend, revealed to Us weekly that they may be making a major change of location.

Caryn, 53, hinted at a move, saying, “Our big plan right now is to stay engaged, to stay in love, to go to Arizona and to spend an awful lot of time together.”

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