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MS is the first case in which 70% of the whole population has been immunized against Covid

NOT. State of São Paulo On Tuesday (9), it reached 70% of the general population with a full vaccination against COVID-19[female[feminine.

According to a survey conducted by the agency CNNOn Tuesday at 7 p.m., 70.36% of the inhabitants of the state of São Paulo had been fully immunized with two doses of the vaccine. CoronavacAnd AstraZeneca or Pfizer, or with a single dose of Janssen.

The other states that should hit the mark in the coming days are Mato Grosso do Sul (65.45%), Rio Grande do Sul (62.87%), Santa Catarina (62.45%) and Parana (62, 35%). The relative calculation is based on the last IBGE census.

São Paulo was the first Brazilian state to start vaccination against Covid-19 on January 17. On September 26, the country carried out the vaccination 70% of the adult population. But this time, the analysis includes all age groups.

In RJ, 90% of adults are immune

also on Tuesday, The city of Rio de Janeiro has reached 90% of the adult population is fully immune With two doses or a single dose of the immune factor against Corona virus.

Municipal Minister of Health Daniel Sorans said CNN That nothing changes concerning the exit of the masks inside. “When the number reaches 75% of all cariocas that have been vaccinated, we will release the masks. “

Vaccination against the disease on Wednesday (10) in the city will target the first dose for people aged 12 and older. The main thing will be a booster potion for Cariocas 62 years of age or older.

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