Are you stressed about your monthly installment? Would you like to repay a loan or loans that you have taken out earlier on more favorable terms? Then you are in the right place because you have come up with a loan repayment, also known as a debt settlement loan.

The purpose of these loans is to replace your existing loan (or even more) with a lower interest rate or shorter term loan. If you would like to switch to a cheaper loan and take advantage of a loan replacement loan, we recommend the following.

You can use these types of loans to redeem your loans


You can use a personal loan or mortgage to settle your debt, depending on how much you need to settle. For both types of loans, you can use a free-of-charge loan, or you can find loan products for special debt settlement purposes at banks, which often have a better interest rate than the freely available options.

With a loan redemption loan, you can redeem almost any loan, whether home loan, personal loan, credit card debt, commodity loan, overdraft, car loan or quick loan. Doing more of these before is not a hindrance, as you can get more loans if you decide to settle your debt.

Before applying for a mortgage loan

Before applying for a mortgage loan

You should decide what your primary goal is with it. There are three ways in which you can decide which one is most useful to you.

  • If your goal is to reduce your monthly installment installment: In this case, you will borrow the same amount of credit as the original loan and continue to pay back at a lower installment rate.
  • If the goal is to shorten the maturity: In this case too, the amount of your redemption loan will be the same as the remainder of your previous loan, and the monthly installment will remain, but you can repay it in less time, thus relieving you of the burden.
  • The installment and maturity remain the same, but you get a higher amount than the original loan. This way, after the final repayment, you have no choice but to spend what you want to spend.

So choose a loan repayment loan!

So choose a loan repayment loan!

Redeeming a loan is not only an attractive solution if you have a problem with your old loan and want to reduce it. Even if you are not having trouble paying off your old loan, you may want to check your bank offerings from time to time, as money market and economic changes can bring you better terms than when you applied for a loan.

For example, those who borrowed around 2012-2014 received a personal loan at an average interest rate of around 25 percent, and today the same figure may be below 10 percent. In this situation, a loan replacement loan can result in a down payment of several tens of thousands of dollars a month, which is a great help to the family cashier.